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Wimbledon: American Women

For fans of American women’s tennis, the time is now. Not only are the two best American players entering their thirties but there is a serious drought of young talent, even worse than on the men’s circuit. Only time will tell if the American tennis system is ever able to cultivate the champions it once did. Thus, the focus of American tennis at Wimbledon must continue to be on Venus and Serena Williams, and Tennis betting is watching.

The sisters have shouldered the nation’s collective burden for quite a while now, especially at Wimbledon. They have parlayed their prodigious talent into eight victories in the last ten tournaments contested there. They truly fit the mold of Wimbledon champions: tall and graceful athletes who employ powerful games dictated by their serves. Venus will be 30 at the beginning of the tournament and Serena will be 28, ages by which many elite tennis players have either retired or seen their skills decline. The criticism they’ve received for their dalliances in other endeavors such as fashion and modeling seems to be unwarranted, and have not effected tennis betting have not changed their opinions. If it weren’t for diversions such as these and a lighter playing schedule than some, they likely wouldn’t have the durability to continue to threaten for grand slams.

Although the sisters are very similar and at times seem interchangeable, there can only be one champion at Wimbledon, at least in a singles format. For all the similarities, there are some definite differences as well. Serena has had the more complete and well-rounded career in the Grand Slams, winning a total of 12, three of which came at Wimbledon. Venus has won seven grand slams, five at Wimbledon and the other two on the hardcourts of the U.S. Open. She has not won on the slower surfaces at the French and Australian Opens, perhaps signaling an inability to seal the deal when her serve’s advantage is mitigated. However, Venus holds a slight edge in overall victories, having won 43 tournaments compared to Serena’s 36.

Since Serena is currently the top ranked player in the world and her sister is number two, they will be on opposite sides of the draw, setting up a scenario in which they’d play each other for the title, which would be nothing new. It’s difficult to peg who would have the advantage. In 17 career matches against each other, Serena leads the series 9-8. At Wimbledon, they are each 2-2 when squaring off against each other. The aforementioned differences seem to cancel each other out; although Serena has had the better all-around career, Venus has been more dominant at Wimbledon. This would be a tough match to predict and would be predicated upon momentum and who is healthier from the physical grind of a grand slam. Nevertheless, these two have to be considered the overwhelming favorites.

The other American worth keeping an eye on is Melanie Oudin, the talented 18 year old out of Marietta, Georgia. Although relatively inexperienced, the world’s 35th ranked player has shown an ability to compete with the best, bursting onto the tennis scene at last year’s U.S. Open on her way to an appearance in the quarterfinals. She beat Elena Dementieva and Maria Sharapova along the way and displayed a definite moxie and mental toughness in the process. The one thing working against Oudin is her style, which is more suited to slower surfaces. Her serve is regarded as one of her weaknesses and she has a grind-it-out mentality that works well in long rallies, something that Wimbledon is not known for. If she is to ever contend at Wimbledon, her game will need to undergo significant maturation and might not be ready until after the Williams sisters have retired. Americans certainly hope this maturation occurs though, because the post-Williams future looks bleak.

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ARJEL - a new acronym NFL Lines to remember

A statement on the French government website www.premier-ministre.gouv.fr/acteurs/gouvernement/conseils_ministres_35/.../jeux_argent_hasard_ligne_63045.html, widely reported in the French media yesterday, delivers further information on French moves to open up that country's gambling markets (see previous InfoPowa reports).

The statement announces the appointment of the French Tennis Federation's secretary general, Jean-Francois Vilotte, to head up a new French online gambling regulatory authority with the rather ponderous title of l’autorité administrative indépendante de régulation des jeux en ligne (ARJEL). The body will be responsible for issuing the 5 year online gambling licenses envisaged in the draft legislation opening up the market from January 2010.

The statement also confirms that the proposed legislation to effect the liberalisation of the French market in compliance with European Commission principles has been placed before the French Council of Ministers.

Vilotte is a name known to most online gambling corporate execs due to his involvement in the French Tennis Federation's legal assaults on Internet gambling companies such as Ladbrokes, Betfair, Unibet, Expekt and Bwin last year regarding Internet betting on tennis matches.

Early reaction from the European Gaming and Betting Association, which numbers most of the major European gambling corporates among its members, has not been favourable to the appointment, with the organisation suggesting that the French government justify Vilotte's appointment to a post where an unbiased and independent approach is of significant importance.


45 pro tennis matches may have involved questionable practices, says an independent panel

Online betting was just one of the factors considered last week in the release of a report by an independent panel following an investigation into 73 professional tennis matches over the past five years. The panel found that there was a need for further probing into suspicious betting patterns at 45 of the matches during the period. The suspicious matches were not detailed.

The International Tennis Federation, the ATP, the WTA Tour and the four grand slams published the findings in a 66-page report which commented that while "....professional tennis is neither institutionally nor systematically corrupt, it is potentially at a crossroads".

The report underlined that the panel had found no evidence to support the theory that the Mafia may have been involved in corruption attempts, although it went on to state: "We do not doubt that criminal elements may be involved in seeking to subvert or corrupt some players-officials and that they may even involve organised criminal gangs."

The betting company Betfair played a role in uncovering at least some questionable practices when it voided all bets on a match involving Nikolay Davydenko last year (see previous InfoPowa reports) on grounds of suspicious gambling patterns. The incident attracted extensive media coverage, and subsequently other tennis professionals came forward with reports of outside approaches seeking to influence major games for rewards as high as $100 000.

Five Italian players have since been fined or suspended for betting on tennis.

The independent panel's report comes just before the start of the French Open, which was the subject of a court action in February this year when tournament organisers litigated in a Belgian court to ban online gambling companies from offering bets on the event....and lost.

Also included in the panel's report was a recommendation that the four governing bodies in tennis accepted that they take a serious view of players found to be cheating, including the imposition of tough punitive measures that could include banning for life. A common anti-corruption and integrity system was also agreed. Access to tournament locker rooms was highlighted as an area for reform with the recommendation that this be restricted to players and essential tournament personnel.


Disruptive or disreputable behaviour can get spectators ejected

Disturbed by growing reports of disruptive cell phone calls and spectators working online betting on laptops and PDAs from the bleachers (see previous InfoPowa reports) the Women's Tennis Association is planning to tighten up on spectator conduct at major matches.

The WTA is concerned about the use of cellphones and laptops at tournaments to do live commentaries and instant gambling, and are seeking new ways on how best to stamp it out.

"We don't think it's positive for the image of the sport to have people feeding information out for gambling. We will take further steps to crack down on that," said WTA chief executive Larry Scott, without specifying what these might be.

Scott added that a tournament had the right to deny access if there was any behaviour they were concerned about or which was disruptive or brought the tournament into disrepute.

"The tournament can take a decision that someone who has clearly facilitated gambling, should not be present," he said.

The tour's new integrity unit is currently in the middle of a study. "They have been to several tournaments and are interviewing a lot of people in the world of tennis, including the media," said Scott. "They are going to put a report together on how we are applying the rules, policies and procedures and will make recommendations.

"In the meantime, there are a few steps that have already been taken. Someone was stopped from using a mobile for private dealings, and a couple of spectators were kicked out in Antwerp. These are interim steps, but in terms of sig- nificant rule changes, that will only come with the details and what outside experts tell us."

In a related story, Agence France Presse has reported that discussions have taken place between leading off-line and Internet betting companies and the UEFA chief Michel Platini in an effort to improve monitoring of suspicious wagers on European football matches.

Platini said that the Union of European Football Associations is looking to find ways to speed up an early warning system that gives soccer authorities information to identify people placing bets.

An investigation into suspicious wagers made on an Intertoto Cup match played between Bulgarian side Cherno More and Macedonia's Makedonija last July is ongoing.

"UEFA is continuously monitoring football betting patterns and it is clear that we will take the necessary actions in any cases where that may be justified,'' Platini said in a statement.